Southern Concrete Block Hire

Type Weight Height Depth Width
Jersey Barrier 1450kg 810mm 610mm 2500mm
V28 Barrier 2500kg 800mm 450mm 3000mm
MW1000 Block 1000kg 770mm 760mm 1000mm
MW500 Block 500kg 460mm 570mm 1000mm
MW200 Block 200kg 400mm 450mm 450mm
  • Delivery, offloading and positioning on hard and soft ground available, with our all-terrain fork lift.
  • Ground protection mats available – (additional cost applies)
  • Prompt, reliable and efficient service
  • Narrow access forklift option
  • 200kg weights can be moved without mechanical lift through pedestrian areas.


Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) are the perfect safety barrier for a huge variety of applications including many types of temporary works  and flood defence walls. They also make ideal Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs), Vehicle Containment Barriers (VCBs) and can be used for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM). They are cast from high strength concrete (50N/mm2) which, combined with Highways Agency specification steel reinforcing means that the barriers meet the component requirements of EN 1317 ‘Compliant Road Restraint Systems for Temporary Safety Barriers’ (when installed by a Highways Agency approved contractor).

Jersey Barriers

The Jersey barrier is an interlocking heavy duty system designed for the ultimate in anti-vehicle perimeter protection. Cast from high-strength concrete (50N/mm2) the barriers are quick and easy to install. The interlocking Jersey barriers are ideal for traffic management, flood defence, site security, rockfall, edge protection as well as for various temporary works.


Our standard concrete blocks can be used as kentledge/ballast blocks or ad-hoc concrete barriers for a variety of purposes. When presentation matters we can supply covers to dress them. For awkward sites or where vehicle access is restricted we can supply a specialist pallet truck to position the blocks.

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